10 Winter Coats: What’s Your Style?

If you’ll be traveling this winter, you’re going to need a travel-friendly and trendy coat. What are the best styles for jet-setters like you?

Here are ten coats to consider that are perfect for life on the road:

1. Trench Coat– This iconic style’s long cut lends itself to use as a raincoat, and makes a very stylish outerwear choice during the fall and winter months. A beige or dark colored trench coat is a perfect addition to any outfit.

2. Parka– When traveling to colder locations, the Parka is a must! Since parkas are typically insulated with down and often have hoods lined with fur, the parka will keep you warm without sacrificing on fashion.

3. Pea Coat– This heavy, structured military inspired wool coat is known for its Navy history. Its double-breasted lapel and ornate buttons give it a cool and classic look.

4. Wrap– For a lighter outerwear option better suited for places that aren’t quite so cold, the wrap is your best bet. It is great for a bohemian, casual look with a cinched belt that normally ties in the front.

5. Military– If long coats are you thing, the military coat falls just above the knees. It normally has a belt, a double-breasted lapel, and a high collar.

6. Cape– The cape, which is typically sleeveless with a hood, is uniquely stylish and drips with vintage fashion. For the elegant trendsetter, the cape is a must during your travels.

7. Toggle– Instead of typical buttons or zippers, the toggle coat features toggle closures on the front that give it a mountainous, adventurous vibe.

8. Top Coat– The top coat has a fold over collar and front buttons. This is a very popular style and is a must have for any woman.

9. Bracelet-Sleeve- The bracelet-sleeve coat is a throwback to vintage styles. This coat sports larger sleeves that fall at the elbow and create a very delicate, feminine look.

10. Cocoon– Baggy with a larger collar and short sleeves, the cocoon is another type of cozy coat that has been making a comeback and is perfect for the cold weather this winter.