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Coastal: A New Generation of Hybrid Luggage

21 AUGUST 2017

Hardside or a softside? It’s one of the biggest questions to ask when choosing a new suitcase for your trip. Do you want the protection and security of a shell construction? Or the flexible packing features you find on a softside bag?

With our Coastal hybrid luggage, we’ve created a collection that gives you the best of both worlds. Read on to see how this innovative range blends durable hardside construction with convenient organization outside and in.

Why Choose Hybrid Luggage?

Your luggage goes through a lot when you travel. It gets thrown, crushed, bumped, slammed, and otherwise handled without care. We’ve given Coastal a rugged polypropylene shell that shields against such rough treatment, while still offering the versatility of a front-door opening and exterior pockets. These pockets let you keep a phone charger in close reach, tuck away a magazine for your flight or stash copies of your hotel and rental car information for handy access at your destination.

Though a typical hardside has a clamshell construction that’s split down the middle, Coastal features a single, deep packing compartment that lets you organize your way. The roomy interior accommodates bulky sweaters and toiletry kits and leaves lots of room for packing cubes. This configuration also takes up less space while unpacking and makes it easier to grab something quickly because you’re not spreading out two compartments.

Smart Storage with Detachable Wheels

Coastal’s dual spinner wheels give you stable, 360° maneuverability when you’re on the road. They’re also detachable, making it easier to store your luggage efficiently. Without wheels, your luggage is more compact, so nesting your suitcases is effortless. Removing the wheels also lets your Coastal sit flat on its end, saving precious closet space.

And remember: The wheels are one of the hardest-working parts of your suitcase. They carry the weight of all your belongings, take on concourses and cobblestones, and are one of the most common victims of rough handling in transit. If damage does occur, detachable wheels allow you to repair or replace just the wheel—not the entire suitcase.

– How to: Remove Coastal Wheels –

  1. Open your Coastal suitcase and open the zipper in the lining of the main packing space.
  2. Locate the interior wheel housing. You will see a round metal button.
  3. Grasp the wheel, then press the button firmly.
  4. Pull the wheel from the case. You may need to twist it lightly.
  5. To replace the wheel: Press the metal button on the wheel housing and insert the wheel into the opening firmly. Make sure the wheel is all the way in, then release the button.

Coastal Collection detachable wheels

Innovative Material Mix

The Coastal collection features two durable materials that complement each other beautifully.

The hardside structure of the suitcase is provided by a tough polypropylene shell at the top and bottom. A few ounces can make a big difference when you’re on the go and this high-tech thermoplastic is ultra lightweight. The polypropylene shell is also highly impact-resistant, so it forms a protective haven for your belongings—especially important if you’re traveling with fragile items.

For Coastal’s softside features, such as the exterior pockets, we’ve chosen a softly marled ripstop fabric, which lends a tailored look to this collection. But this fabric also has a superpower: Thick reinforcement threads woven throughout the material. These threads not only give ripstop its tell-tale grid pattern, they guard against abrasion and help to stop small tears from spreading.

Innovative materials

Exterior pockets store
quick-access items.


The expansion zipper gives you more space for souvenirs or bulky clothing.


A built-in TSA lock protects your belongings against theft.


Roomy interior compartment allows for flexible packing.

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