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How to Use Tile for Effortless Travel

Tile is the best way to never lose your luggage

23 AUGUST 2017

We’ve all been there: Rubbernecking at baggage claim, waiting for our bag to rise up onto the conveyor belt. Turning over the hotel room to find our rental car keys. Searching frantically for a lost handbag. (Did I leave it at the design museum? That cute bistro? London?)

Misplacing an important item while traveling can range from a minor inconvenience to a major disaster. This is where Tile comes in. This small tracking device attaches to anything you’d never want to lose—your keys, your purse, your luggage—and uses Bluetooth technology to help you find it.

With a companion smartphone app and an interconnected global network of users, Tile can help you locate valuables almost anywhere on Earth. (Visit thetileapp.com to learn more.) Read on to for tips on how you can use this innovative device to give yourself peace of mind when you’re traveling.

– 8 Ways to Use Tile When you Travel –

  1. You made your connecting flight—but did your luggage? Place a Tile in your checked suitcase and you can use the smartphone app to confirm that your luggage is within Bluetooth range—i.e. right beneath you in the cargo hold.

  2. And if your luggage doesn’t make the trip, Tile’s extensive user network can help you locate it in another city—or across the world. Mark your luggage as lost, and if another Tile user (there are millions, all over the world) passes within range of your bag, you’ll get a location alert. Don’t worry: it’s automatic and anonymous.

  3. Keep a Tile in your carry-on luggage. The app can tell you your bag’s last known location, so if you leave it behind at the airport newsstand, you can run back and retrieve it.

  4. No need to jostle for position at baggage claim. Sit comfortably and the Tile app will let you know when your bag is approaching the carousel.

  5. At your destination, pop a Tile into your handbag or wallet to help quell the panic of misplacing your essentials. Whether you left it in a coffee shop or dropped it in the street, Tile’s community network can help you zero in your lost item, sometimes in a matter of minutes.

  6. When traveling for business, put a Tile in your laptop briefcase or attach it to your laptop with double-sided adhesive, so you never lose track of your work essentials.

  7. Did you lose your phone in your hotel room? Double press the center “Tile” button or the “e” button on your tracking device and your phone will ring—even if it’s on silent.

  8. No more wandering a packed parking lot or unfamiliar city looking for your rental car. Leave a Tile in your glove box and the Last Place Seen feature will help guide you back to your vehicle.

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