Love Your Weekend by Visiting a New Valentine’s Day Destination

30 JANUARY 2017

If you’re stuck in that same old “paradise” with your partner year-round, then any new place feels just a tiny bit more exotic. Taking a break from your annual routine is what makes getting away all the more special. Picking a new destination that you’ve never been to can add a pinch of adventurous spice to your vacation recipe. The U.S. is filled with all sorts of varied destinations, so let’s take a look at some of our handpicked romantic Valentine’s Day getaways.


It’s formally known as “The City that Knows How”, or “The Paris of the West”, but you probably know it better as San Francisco. This West Coast metropolis is known for famous landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz, but the fog-filled landscape is complimented by steep rolling hills with an eclectic mix of architecture. This provides an air of mystique for lovers out for an urban adventure.

The city is filled to the brim with museums, theaters, and Michelin starred restaurants to provide you and your partner with endless options of entertainment. San Francisco is a vibrant cultural destination that’s fit for any pair of modern explorers.


The oldest city in Georgia has become new again. Savannah attracts millions of visitors each year to its historic cobblestone streets, live jazz concerts, and fine southern cuisine.

Savannah is the perfect Valentine’s Day destination for a romantic getaway if you want to cater to the history buff in us all. The downtown area is one of the largest National Historic Landmark Districts in the United States. The architecture, history, and reputation for Southern charm and hospitality of Savannah are internationally known, so take a trip to the southern escape that is Savannah, GA.  


February can be a cold month, so get away from the frigid weather with an island destination this Valentine’s Day. Santa Catalina Island has been a hotspot for Los Angeles vacationers for generations and the island was a popular escape for stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age. It was not uncommon to find Hollywood’s elite rubbing elbows with one another while sipping tall colorful drinks with tiny umbrellas in them.

That kind of glamour and island lifestyle still endures in the Santa Catalina Island of today. Take part in the Hollywood treatment, by being pampered with a massage, grab a bite at many fine seaside restaurants, or embrace the marine paradise with snorkeling, scuba or glass bottom boat tours. Santa Catalina Island is the perfect island getaway for you and your Valentine.


Winter can be pretty unforgiving in the Northeastern United States, but all that cold weather just gives valentines everywhere the appropriate motivation to hold each other a little closer. While typically thought of as a summer destination, Martha’s Vineyard has long been a vacation getaway for centuries, attracting celebrities and dignitaries alike. From its humble colonial roots, Martha’s Vineyard has gained a perception of “Hollywood East”, but residents will be the first to tell you that it is actually very quiet and low key.

With several parts maritime history, colonial inspired architecture, and a general air of quiet and privacy, Martha’s Vineyard is the perfect Valentine’s Day getaway for those looking to really get away from the busy noise of everyday life.